Winner PRO 2014

How can we design products, services and systems in such a way that they simultaneously bring economic, social and ecological value? How do we make sure that design for repair, disassembly and recycling become ingrained in the industry?

Hefboommeeting duurzaam design

How can parties throughout the value chain (raw material suppliers, designers, producers, distribution, consumers and the waste sector) close material cycles in a high-quality manner through innovative forms of collaboration? Because citizens are crucial in achieving a circular economy, the Flemish Materials Programme will also focus on education and raising awareness.

Actiedomein Slim investeren

How can the government, the financial sector and companies invest in sustainable materials management through grants for innovation, through interesting loans and through a green policy for private and public procurement with a focus on materials? How can economic instruments be targeted to promote the circular economy?

Nieuwe materialen

How can new materials, such as nanomaterials and composites, and new production and recycling technologies contribute to reducing material consumption with a lower environmental and health impact and to closing cycles better?

Actiedomein Betere regelgeving

How can we further optimise the legislation so that it promots the use of waste as a resource as much as possible, and at the same time protects health and the environment?